About US

We are a center specialized in oral health and facial prosthesis (Epithesis), created with the constant work of more than 20 years.

We have a select group of specialists in different areas of dentistry, offering comprehensive care with quality and responsibility in one place. The warm and personalized treatment, the best dental practices and the most advanced technology make the difference in the provision of our services.

Corporate values

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Provide comprehensive services of Oral Health and Facial Prosthesis according to the needs of our patients, with the support of highly qualified human resources, cutting-edge technology and personalized attention, with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of users. 



In 5 years, obtain accreditation in health and be recognized at the national level for providing oral health services under constant work parameters based on the continuous improvement of scientific and infrastructure technical conditions, efficient administrative processes, a safe and dignified treatment for patients , promoting the professional and personal development of the work team. 

Our team



Dr. Antonio Bonilla Nova

USTA Oral Rehabilitation Specialist.
Implantology: IFZI Germany - Tel-Aviv - Unicartagena
Master in Epithesis - Germany

Dr. Maigret Pedraza Páez

UCC Periodontics and Osseointegration Specialist
Implantology: IFZI Germany - Tel-Aviv - Unicartagena
Master in Epithesis - Germany


The human resource not only has high professional capabilities, but also with the sensitivity necessary to provide a friendly and warm treatment.

We consider the patient's time very important, so we provide timely, flexible appointments and all in one place, so we facilitate the proper development of the treatment.

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